Chai Jing (柴静; born on January 1, 1976) is a Chinese journalist, host, author and environmental activist.  In 2015 she was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people.

In 1995, Chai began her broadcast career as a radio host in Hunan Province. From 2001 to 2013, she worked for China Central Television (CCTV) as a well respected investigative reporter and host. In 2012 she published an autobiography, Insight (《看见》), which has sold more than 1 million copies.

While still pregnant, Chai was told her daughter had a benign tumor. Following her daughter’s birth, Chai undertook her own year-long investigation into China’s environmental problems, spending nearly 1 million yuan ($167,000) producing a documentary called Under the Dome (穹顶之下), which was released for free online viewing on March 1, 2015.The documentary, with Chai as a matter-of-fact on-stage presenter, was viewed more than 150 million times by March 3 and has since been censored in China. Although Chai has not verified the rumor, widespread speculation in 2014 suggested that she had given birth in the United States.

Chai is known for her direct, get-to-the point interview technique.

Some controversy arose surrounding Chai in 2013. After marrying famous photographer Zhao Jia she became pregnant, but she chose not to deliver her child in a hospital in China. Instead, she travelled to the United States before it was time for her to give birth. Some people pointed out that Chai had once declared that if she were to have a baby in the future that she would let her baby belong to China. Due to this issue, many people think that Chai directly contradicted herself.




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