Liu Huan (刘欢,born August 26, 1963 in Tianjin, China) is a Chinese singer and songwriter. He is one of China’s modern era pioneers in pop music and is considered China’s King of Pop. He combines his music career with teaching the history of Western music at the Beijing University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

Liu has performed the theme songs for a number of television series. In 1987, he performed his first song, Sun in Heart (心中的太阳), for Snowing City (雪城). He is also well known for performing theme songs to historical television dramas, such as The One Who Wins the Hearts of the People Gains the Empire (得民心者得天下) for 1996 series Yongzheng Dynasty and Heroes’ Song (好汉歌), for the 1998 series The Water Margin. His song, Asking Myself a Thousand Times (千萬次的問) remained in the top position for ten weeks on Chinese radio stations. In 1990, Liu performed the official theme song, Asian Mighty Winds (亚洲雄风), with Wei Wei at the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing.

As well as being a singer-songwriter, Liu is also a teacher. He has taught at the University of International Relations and is currently teaching the history of Western music at the Beijing University of International Business and Economics. “It’s a good idea to bring music to more students in China,” says Liu.

Despite his pop career in China, Liu is not willing to give up his secondary job, teaching, which he considers to be a stable career. Liu has taught students for ten years, and he is very proud of the fact that he is one of the most popular teachers at the university.“There doesn’t have to be any contradictions between being a singer and a teacher, although they are totally different jobs. I can focus on how to make students have more interest in music when I am in class, after that, I do have time to write songs. I am enjoying being a teacher.” His classes are crowded with other students besides his own students, who come to stand in the classroom to listen to his lectures.

With his language skill, Liu Huan says modestly: “My major is French, and I can speak English, too. With German and Italian, I only know some terms in these languages, but it doesn’t mean I can speak them.”

Liu Huan married Lu Lu, a hostess for Hunan TV, in 1988. Their daughter was born in September 1991. Liu underwent hip replacement surgery at the Beijing University Third Hospital in mid-April 2010. The surgery was very successful.

Liu has a round body, round face, and long braids, the image of Liu Huan is generally unchanging. He prefers to wear black to almost all of his performances.



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