When this couple got married on March 15th, 2017, the husband Zhou Xiaoping tweeted their marriage on Weibo saying “I have devoted my body to my country, now I rest my heart on you!”

This couple became world-wide famous when on September 15th, Guo Wengui revealed their scandalous participation in persecuting Lei Yang to death, and Wang Fang’s sex scandal with Mang Jianzhu,  member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China.

Wang Fang (born June 25, 1985), in Liaoyang city of Liaoning province, her father an electrician a local technical school and her mother a worker at Shenyang Textile factory.

From 2002-2006, Wang Fang studied at Shenyang Conservatory of Music and became a music teacher after graduation. 2010-2013 she returned to the conservatory for a master degree in music.

In 2012, Wang Fang won the second place at China Red Army Songs Competition held by Jiangxi TV Station and was selected to attend the Spring Festival Evening Show by Central TV Station where she won national fame.

Zhou Xiaoping (born 24 April 1981) is a Chinese essayist and popular blogger. His most well-known works are Please Do Not Fail this Era!Young, do you really know about this country?Where did our heroes go?, and Nine Tricks of the United States Cultural Cold War. He is a supporter of communist orthodoxy and has expressed nationalism, anti-Americanism and anti-Western sentiment. Zhou is noted for praising by Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping at a conference on art and literature. Xi Jinping lauded Zhou Xiaoping for spreading “positive energy” in 2014.

Zhou was born and raised in ZigongSichuan, after junior high school, he started to publish works in 1996. “Cutlassfish Zhou”(周带鱼), became the nickname for his nationalistic and anti-American writing.

Zhou Xiaoping earned his nickname during the crackdown on Big Vs in 2013. In an August 26 blog post, Zhou excoriated Charles Xue, the Weibo celebrity and Chinese-American businessman who was detained for “soliciting prostitutes,” only to appear on CCTV days later apologizing for his online behavior:

“To promote sales of water purifiers, Xue Manzi [Charles Xue] claims China’s water is poisoned. Because of this, Zhoushan’s cutlassfish farms cannot sell anything, leaving countless fish farming households to face bankruptcy. Xue is guilty of a most terrible crime. Who will punish him?”

Cutlassfish, it turns out, cannot be farmed, and netizens will not let Zhou forget it.

“Cutlassfish Zhou” is blocked from Weibo search results as of May 14, 2015, but searches for “Brother Cutlassfish” (带鱼哥) turn up several thousand comments.

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