Zhang Yuqi (张雨绮, born 8 August 1986), also known as Kitty Zhang, is a Chinese actress. Zhang is best-known for her role in Stephen Chow’s 2016 smash-hit fantasy film The Mermaid, which broke Chinese box office records upon its release.

Zhang was born in Dezhou, Shandong province. She left Shandong at the age of 15 to attend acting school in Shanghai.

Zhang appeared in a minor, uncredited role in the 2007 film The Longest Night in Shanghai. Stephen Chow first noticed her in an advertisement for Kentucky Fried Chicken, and recruited her into his agency. Zhang was given arduous training in acting, dancing, and singing. She made her debut in the science fiction film CJ7, playing a young teacher.The role brought her major media attention, and because of Chow’s tradition of starring alongside new actresses who later gain other major roles, Zhang has been called one of the star girls of Chow.

Zhang won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Asian Film Awards for her performance.

Zhang became one of Weibo’s top trending topics on October 26, 2016 when the news of her second marriage with a businessman in banking was officially released by the management: “Princess Belle Zhang Yuqi has found her Beast Prince. Two single people fell in love within ten days of meeting and got married on the 70th day. This was the perfect encounter.”

Only two years later, 26 September 2018, Zhang divorced her second husband after she was accused of wounding him with a fruit knife on Monday evening, a claim she denies, leaving him with two scratches to his back, around one centimetre (less than half an inch) long. They had twin children.

“Oh my god. Dare to love, dare to hate. If it doesn’t work out then leave, whatever suits her. Respect!” one commenter on Weibo wrote.

Zhang’s first marriage was in 2015 with the film director Wang Quanan, 20 years older than her. In 2014, Wang was detained for paid sex charges after being caught with a prostitute in a Beijing apartment. Zhang announced their divorce later that year.

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