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Liu Xin (刘欣 born 10 November 1975) is a host and journalist at the state-run China Global Television Networks (CGTN), now hosting the opinion show named The Point with Liu Xin on weekdays at CGTN. She is fluent in Mandarin, English and French, and conversational in German and Turkish.

If we look into the resume of Liu Xin on Baidu, we can find that the media host has won a remarkable career in the first part of her life.

A Sina blog post entitled “Liu Xin’s new starting point – a CCTV journalist to Geneva” tells about her journey from Beijing to Europe.

“In my last blog post, I have released the news of my temporary good-bye to the English Channel. Many friends guess where I am going. Because of uncertainty, I did not make it public days ago. Now everything is clear and I am going to tell you this – I have officially said good-bye to my hosting position of the English Channel and will be going to Geneva of Switzerland in one or two months. After setting up CCTV’s Geneva Bureau there, I will work for three years as a journalist.” Instead of three, she stayed there for six years during which she formed her new family.

On April first of 2017, the Paper published a long article about Liu Xin as an English host of the Grand Propaganda Campaign in 20 years.

The Paper wrote, “In 1996, Liu Xin, on her first trip overseas as a year-two college student from the English Department of Nanjing University, presented a speech based on the life story of her grandmother and herself. The loving story touched the hearts of many British and won her the first price in the English competition.”

“Twenty years later in 2016, Liu Xin, with her fame of many years as chief journalist of the Geneva Bureau, returned to CCTV. Also saying good-bye to her husband and children of foreign citizenship, she once again stood up to the center of the CCTV stage. This time, she is going to tell her western audience more loving Chinese stories.”

Liu Xin attended a CGTN interview hours after her 16 minutes conversation with Fox News host Trish Regan. She recalled, “I said what I wanted to say. I guess technically they heard it, whether they understood me, whether they agreed with me, or to what extend they agreed with me, I have no idea. I hope at least what I said would stay with them a little bit, that at least they would think about it a little bit, and then we’ll see.”

“In the beginning, you said it was a debate. Actually I never thought, I’ve never wanted it to be a debate. I agreed to it, but it’s actually a debate with quotation marks. Because a debate is where you go to a third place with an independent moderator, you have a timer, you open, she opens, and then .. but we had..when I said I’d like to appear as a guest in your a show, basically I was offering to have a conversation.”

Liu Xin said, “So I never approached it as a kind of confrontation or tit-for-tat, intellectual debate, but really just a chat. And I think I did it. At least from my understanding, that’s what happened.”

Liu Xin was born in Zhenjiang of Jiangsu province, a native from Xiaogan of Hubei Province. Her father was a engineer in the railway sector and her mother a quality inspector at a paper mill.

Liu was enrolled in the English Department of Nanjing University in 1993-1997.

Liu Xin is a senior host and journalist at CGTN. She joined CCTV NEWS in July 1997. For over a decade, she was one of the channel’s signature anchors, covering many major events in China and around the world. She hosted the state banquet for visiting US president Barack Obama in 2009.

In 2011, she was posted to Geneva, Switzerland, to set up CCTV’s Geneva Bureau and served as bureau chief for nearly six years. She covered the Iran nuclear talks, the conflict in Syria, and topics like human rights, refugees, climate change and world trade.

In 2017, she started hosting a brand-new weekday opinion program called The Point with Liu Xin, a prime-time show on CGTN. Liu has won numerous awards including the Chinese Government News Award, CCTV’s Anchor of the Year and Outstanding Staff of the Year.

Before joining CCTV, she was the first Chinese student to win an international public speaking competition in London.

Liu married a European Citizen (Turkish German who is a UN official) and is a mother of two Children.

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