Retired Chinese footballer Hao Haidong has delivered a manifesto he wants to use to overthrow China’s government and replace it with a new one, and he says he has the backing of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Hao appeared Thursday in a lengthy YouTube video swearing allegiance to the “Federal State of New China” — an alternative to the ruling Communist Party of China.

In the video, the 50-year-old former striker read a manifesto demanding an end to the current power structure, calling China’s leaders a “terrorist organization” that “tramples on democracy,” according to The New York Times.

Hao also accused Beijing of launching “biological warfare” on the world with the coronavirus. Hao provided no evidence that the virus was created or spread deliberately.

The Federal State of New China was founded by exiled former billionaire Guo Wengui, and is supported by Bannon, says The New York Times.

In Hao’s video, published on the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, he claimed Wengui, also known as Miles Guo, and Bannon backed his manifesto.

On Thursday, Wengui appeared in a video with Bannon on a boat in front of the Statue of Liberty, in which read out what seemed to be an English version of Hao’s manifesto, reports the South Morning China Post.

Wengui fled to the United States from China in 2014 amid allegations of financial corruption, and has since waged a campaign against president Xi Jinping and his administration.

Hao’s account on Weibo, China’s popular online communications tool, was deleted following the video, while the South Morning China Post says he also faces having his sporting achievements wiped from record books.

In another video, Hao can be seen with his wife, Ye Zhaoying, who won a bronze medal in women’s badminton at the 2000 Olympics, in which he urged people to “come forth and speak the truth,” according to the SCMP.

Hao is the all time leading scoring for the Chinese national team, having hit 41 goals in 107 appearances between 1992 and 2004. He also helped guide the country to its only ever World Cup finals appearance in 2002.

While he spent almost his entire in China, he also had a brief spell in English football, making a single appearance for Sheffield United, a mid-sized club which at the time played in England second tier. He came on a substitute during a cup game in January 2006, aged 35.

The SCMP reported Friday that Hao could now be stripped of all his official records by the ruling party as a punishment for his dissent. He no longer lives in China, reportedly residing with Ye in Spain.

By Barnaby Lane

Jun 4, 2020 (Beijing Time) marks the historical moment of the founding of the New Federal State of China in human history, a country that fights for the freedom, rule of law and democracy of 1.4 billion Chinese.  Along with Mr. Miles Kwok and Mr. Steve Bannon, at the witness of millions of people worldwide, former China’s top soccer player Mr. Hao Haidong announced the Declaration of the New Federal State of China.

Shortly after the ceremony, during an interview with Lu De, Mr. Hao and his wife Mrs. Ye Zhaoying, a world champion and countless gold-medal winner in playing badminton, disclosed how CCP’s totalitarian regime had oppressed professional athletes and destroyed the spirit of sports especially that of professional soccer in China. Being familiar with CCP’s stringent internet censorship, netizens are not shocked to find out that Mr. Hao was retaliated by CCP immediately. His name has been filtered out of the database on a major sports forum Hupu. All blogs, video clips, discussions, comments and photos regarding him were eliminated from the website by “the order of concerning authorities”.

Mr. Hao and his wife Mrs. Ye chose to support the Whistleblower Movement because they have first-hand information and personal experience with CCP’s habitual violation of human rights and its monumental incompetency in creating a healthy environment for professional sports due to its massive bureaucracy and corruption. Mr. Hao is one of the bravest celebrities who stand up against CCP’s dictatorship for the pursuit of rule of law and democracy in China, unlike Jackie Chan, who has lost his backbone and openly supported CCP’s unilateral “National Security Law” against Hong Kong to sabotage the “One Country, Two Systems” agreement. It takes an enormous amount of courage and commitment to stand tall against a tyranny as all his family and friends can be taken by CCP as hostages.

Source: G-news

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